Leaderboards dataclasses

class aiohypixel.leaderboards.Leaderboards(arcade, arena, bedwars, blitz, build_battle, cops_and_crims, duels, turbo_kart_racers, housing, murder_mystery, paintball, quake, skyclash, skywars, speed_uhc, smash_heroes, tnt_games, crazy_walls, uhc, vampirez, walls, mega_wall, warlords, prototype)

Represents the current state of the leaderboards on the Hypixel Network.

arcade = None

Arcade leaderboards.

arena = None

Arena Brawl leaderboards.

bedwars = None

Bed Wars leaderboards.

blitz = None

Blitz Survival Games leaderboards.

build_battle = None

Build Battle leaderboards.

cops_and_crims = None

Cops and Crims leaderboards.

crazy_walls = None

Crazy Walls leaderboards.

duels = None

Duels leaderboards.

classmethod from_api_response(resp, cast_leaders_to_player=False)

Processes the raw API response into a Leaderboards object.


resp (NewType()(APIResponse, Dict[str, Any])) – The API response to process.


The processed Leaderboards object.

housing = None

Housing leaderboards.

mega_wall = None

Mega Walls leaderboards.

murder_mystery = None

Murder Mystery leaderboards.

paintball = None

PaintBall leaderboards.

prototype = None

Prototype Lobby games leaderboards.

quake = None

Quake leaderboards.

skyclash = None

SkyClash leaderboards.

skywars = None

SkyWars leaderboards.

smash_heroes = None

Smash Heroes leaderboards.

speed_uhc = None

Speed UHC leaderboards.

tnt_games = None

TNT Games leaderboards.

turbo_kart_racers = None

Turbo Kart Racers leaderboards.

uhc = None

UHC Champions leaderboards.

vampirez = None

VampireZ leaderboards.

walls = None

Walls leaderboards.

warlords = None

Warlods leaderboards.

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